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Freedom of Information

The Coventry and Solihull Waste Disposal Company Limited (the Company/CSWDC), being a wholly publicly owned company, comes within the scope of the Freedom of Information Act 2012 (FOIA).

FOIA and the related Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR) give a general right of access to all types of recorded information held by wholly publicly owned companies. These rights are subject to the exemptions provided under the FOIA.

The Company is fully committed to making as much information as possible available. It already publishes a large amount of its information through its web site.

Publication scheme

The Company has adopted the Model Publication Scheme approved by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). It may be adapted without further approval and will be valid until further notice.

You can follow the link for more information on the ICO Model Publication Scheme

CSWDC’s publication scheme contains information that the Company will routinely make available electronically on its website.  We list the information in the following broad classes recommended by the ICO.