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Household Waste Recycling Centre: Site Closed

Vehicle Access Policy

The following points are provided as guidance. For definitive information on site access and to book your vehicle in, can be found on the Coventry City Council web site by following this link and search on Recycling and Reuse Centre, or call Coventry Direct on 08085 834333

  • The height barrier is set at 1.7m. Non-commercial vehicles such as cars, people carriers, 4×4s etc over this height can gain access by going to the central road blocker and pressing the intercom to gain access.  Check to see if your vehicle conforms - if in doubt please book in.
  • All commercial vans and pick-ups over 1.7m must be booked in advance via the above contact details. No access will be permitted for vehicles if over 2.1m high and / or longer than 5.25m or for any commercial vehicle towing a trailer.
  • Vehicles pulling trailers more than 1.2m by 1.2m must be booked in advance. No access will be permitted for any trailers over 2.4m in length.
  • For your information an Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR) will be used to monitor and record vehicle access to the site.
  • There are restrictions on certain types of waste such as tyres, refrigerators, gas bottles, chemicals, waste oil and scrap vehicles. Please check before coming.
  • Asbestos waste must also be booked in via Coventry City Council (as above), there are restrictions on the amount and size that can be brought and all asbestos must be double wrapped.
  • Once booked you can still be refused access to the site if your vehicle or trailer size does not meet the correct size. Similarly if the waste is not considered household waste you may be required to complete a waste disclaimer or be refused access. A copy of our Waste Disclaimer Privacy Policy may be found here
  • Anybody bringing waste from a residential property from outside the City of Coventry will be refused access.

If you are a resident in the City of Coventry area you are welcome to take advantage of our Household Waste Recycling and Reuse Centre, where you can bring your household waste for recycling and disposal.

You can find us just off London Road to the south of Coventry city centre.

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