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Household Waste Recycling Centre: Site Closed


We manage the Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) on behalf of Coventry City Council. Coventry residents are able to bring their domestic waste for recycling, recovery or disposal.

On arrival at the site you will be asked what waste you have and then be directed to specific disposal points. This is because where possible CSWDC will recycle or recover the materials for other uses.

Recycling and recovery of wastes helps protect the environment by reducing the amount of energy used to produce items and also conserves raw materials used in the production of the items.

We receive approximately 25,000 tonnes of waste each year at the HWRRC, which is brought by over 300,000 vehicles. At peak operating times, after Christmas and at Weekends and Bank Holidays, over 200 vehicles per hour use the site, so please bear with us on these occasions - there may be a queue.

Household Waste Recycling & Reuse Centre (HWRC) Performance
Recycling & Reuse 44%
Recovery 46%
Landfill 10%
Total 100%


Not all waste arriving at the site can be recycled and approximately 4,000 tonnes per year of non-recyclable waste from the CA site is used as fuel in the adjacent Energy from Waste (EfW) Plant to produce electricity.


You can help us increase the proportion of waste we recycle by placing your waste in the appropriate bins on site when you visit us.