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Household Waste Recycling Centre: Site Closed

CCTV, Body Worn Video (BWV) & Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

CSWDC has installed CCTV for public and site staff safety on the Household Waste Recycling Site and around the main plant.  This is to help investigate complaints and incidents, breaches of our rules and for the purposes of crime prevention.

We recognise that we have a responsibility to ensure that personal data is processed lawfully.  To help achieve this we have a CSWDC Code of Practice based on legislation and recognised best practice. 

Images captured by CCTV will not be kept for longer than necessary and are automatically over written within 28 days.  Where images for kept longer, this is only done with the agreement of a senior member of the staff and only for as long as circumstances require.

CSWDC staff at the HWRC may also use Body Worn Video which incorporates audio recording. The principle uses of this are to promote the safety of CSWDC staff, contactors, and members of the public.

Body Worn Video will not be used constantly, they will only be switched on if a member of staff believes an incident may occur or escalate.  Members of the public will be told as soon as possible that they are being recorded.

The use of CCTV and Body Worn Video by CSWDC is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as required under the General Data Protection Regulation.

An Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR) will be used to monitor and record vehicle access to the site to help investigate complaints and allow us to comply with our site licence, only a still image of the number plate is retained by this system.

A copy of the CCTV, BWV and ANPR Privacy Statement can be found here