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What We Spend And How We Spend It

Annual reports and financial statements

The Annual report and financial statements present CSWDC’s audited annual accounts for the last four financial years. Each financial year runs from 1st April to 31st March. The accounts include the directors’ report, statement of directors’ responsibilities and the independent auditors’ report.

Annual report and financial statements 2019/20

Annual report and financial statements 2020/21

Annual report and financial statements 2021/22

Annual report and financial statements 2022/23

Loans sanctioned

At present there are no loans sanctioned.

Procurement procedures

The procurement procedures and authority limits for awarding contracts are listed here:

Procurement procedures

Directors' and senior managers' allowances and expenses

Staff and board members’ allowances and expenses for the last financial year can be accessed using this link:

Expenses summary

The Company reimburses employees for authorised legitimate expenditure reasonably incurred during the performance of their duties, i.e. travel, accommodation and other agreed out-of-pocket expenses.

The employee is required to complete a claim form and support such a claim by submitting valid receipts.